LeRoy Troy

The Tennessee Slicker

There is no one quite like LeRoy Troy. An accomplished banjo picker, as well as actor, LeRoy is a true entertainer. Marty produced LeRoy's latest album, "The Old Grey Mare." I thought I'd share with you what a couple of people had to say about LeRoy and the album.

Marty Stuart says: "I love Leroy Troy's world. It's a place where mules, spit cups, overalls, the Confederate flag, Robert E. Lee, Uncle Dave Macon, Saturday night, banjo tunes, player roll pianos, the spirit of Roy Acuff and the Smoky Mountain Boys, the cosmic edge moonshine, movie stars, the Grand Ole Opry, ducks, Cordell Kemp, the guys who hangout at Powell's Tire Store, WSM, trucks with rebuilt transmissions, a pretty garden, a rick of firewood, Patti Page, dressing up like Stringbean on Halloween, a washboard with a duck call on it, staying up til 2:00AM to watch Hawaii Five-O reruns, collecting Civil War songs, being a renegade 19th Century man in the midst of a 21st Century world that's spinning out of control, investigating Saturday morning yard sales, Superman, Brother Oswald, being a good neighbor, dreams of Texas, Voodoo ladies and the beauty of the original vision of country music all come together. There's no one else on Earth like Leroy. He is an American treasure, a musical wizard and one of my best friends. We made this album in the month of December after a year's worth of planning. We'd like to dedicate it to Hillbilly Heaven, Pluto, the Little Dipper, the Solemn Old Judge, Captain Kangaroo and Beethoven...with all due respect."

Serena Wimmer says this about the CD: "Anyone who loves old time music and getting back to the roots of real country music needs to get the LeRoy Troy cd. He is such a great talent on that banjo, his style is not something you hear everyday. It's been called clawhammer, (which is what I know it as), and I think I've heard Marty call it the knockin' banjo. He has some old traditional tunes "Bottle of Wine", "Shady Grove", and his version of "Marie Laveau" is sure to be a classic. The tunes Marty wrote have that old traditional flavor to them as well. "LeRoy's Rabbit Dog" is the first one, next is "Down the Dixie Line" this one will definitely make you want to get up and dance. The last one is actually one he wrote for Connie supposedly back in 1995, it's called "Sailin Round the Moon" and the main line says "Sailin Round the Moon with my pretty little Constance June", which of course is her full first and middle name. Not what you'd call your average everyday love song, but it's still wonderful. It's so wonderful of Marty to produce such a record at a time when some country music just doesn't sound too country. I love this CD, as much as I love bluegrass and old time music, it's sure to be worn out, like the other CD's Marty has performed on and produced. There's just nothing quite like this type of music."

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