May 2002 saw Marty touring with a brand new band he named The Fabulous Superlatives. And Superlative they are. Kenny Vaughan and Harry Stinson are seasoned session players and have performed with the top artists in country and alternative music. Paul Martin is a seasoned performer having been in the band Exile. Along with Marty, they form a top-knotch group of musicians.

Kenny Vaughan - Lead and acoustic guitar

"When I work for anybody, I always try to give them 100 percent of my support. I try to fit what I do on my instruments into their music. A lot of guys become too involved in what they're doing on the guitar and not involved enough into what they're doing in terms of the ensemble. I always try to be an ensemble player."

Click here for a nice interview with Kenny.

Harry Stinson - Drums and background vocals

Paul Martin - Bass and background vocals

Previous band members include:

The Rock & Roll Cowboys - 1995 - 1999:

Brad Davis - guitar
Steve Arnold - bass
Gregg Stocki - drums
Gary Hogue - steel guitar

The Hot Hillbilly Band - 1991 - 1994:

Brad Davis - guitar
Larry Marrs - bass
John (Junior) Sturdivant, Jr. - drums
Danny Weaver - steel guitar
Dale Morris, Jr. - fiddle
Keith Sewell - guitar (1994)
Jack White - drums (1994)
Alan Accardi - guitar (1994)

Band members - 1989-1990

Ray Flacke - guitar
Larry Marrs - bass
Dave Durocher - drums

Band members: 1986-1987

Flip Anderson - keyboards
Jody Maphis - drums
Leon Watson - bass
Barry Chance - guitar
Paco Shipp - harmonica

Photo in banner taken by Sherry Mattioli

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